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Just for Kids

Birthday Parties

Kids of all ages love coming to the ranch for their birthday! For your child’s special day, we will have two horses ready for riding and two handlers on site to make sure everyone is safe and having fun. The children will enjoy riding on our beautiful property, and you will also have access to our picnic and cookout area. It is sure to be a fun and memorable party!


How much are birthday parties at Stone Creek Ranch?

Parties are for up to 10 children and are $275 for 1 hour.



Can I bring my own decorations and food?

Yes! You will have access to our cookout area and are welcome to bring any food, snacks, and decorations that you would like. 


Pony Rides

We love hosting even the youngest riders! For children who are too young to take lessons or go on a trail ride, we offer pony rides. Your family will be provided with a saddled horse and you can lead your child around our beautiful property. If you don't feel comfortable leading the horse yourself, we can arrange to have a staff member lead the ride.


How much are Pony Rides at Stone Creek Ranch?

Pony rides are $35 per half hour if you lead the horse yourself, or $60 per half hour if we provide a staff member to lead the horse. 



What ages can participate in pony rides?

Pony Rides are for children under 5. Please be sure that everyone wears closed toe shoes!




Please call us at 812-824-6645 to schedule

a birthday party or a pony ride. 

Summer Camps

We had a great time with all of our campers this summer and look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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