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Did you know that 96% of people who buy horses sell them within three years? In fact, only 20% of owners keep their horse for more than one year!

Leasing a horse instead of buying allows you the access without commitment, and you can skip many of the hassles of ownership such as medical care and shoeing. Furthermore, it provides greater flexibility than owning a horse because as your skill level improves you can lease a different horse that better matches your ability. Of course, if you do decide after leasing that you and your horse are a perfect match, you can change your mind and buy him!


Leasing a horse at Stone Creek Ranch includes:

  • Access to your horse 7 days a week all year long!

  • All of the costs of horse care (feeding, medical care, shoeing)

  • Use of our saddles, pads, halters, lead ropes, grooming equipment – everything you need is included!

  • Storage space for your personal equipment

  • Access to wash racks and ample trailer parking

  • Use of the outdoor arena and round pens

  • Use of the Confidence Course

  • Use of the 12 miles of trails on property



How much does leasing cost?

* $300 a month (lease agreements are for 1 year at a time)

What horses are available for lease?

The best way to learn about our lease horses is to give us a call! We can talk with you about which horses are currently available and which one might be a good match for you as a rider.

Do you have horses for sale?

Yes! If you are looking to buy a horse rather than lease, we can help. As with leasing, the best way to learn about the wonderful horses we have available for purchase is to give us a call. We would be happy to talk with you about the horses we currently have for sale and which one might best meet your needs.


Please call us at 812-824-6645 to discuss leasing options.

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