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Riding Lessons

Whether you are a first-time rider or an experienced competitor, we offer lessons tailored to your meet your individual needs.

At Stone Creek Ranch our lessons are not just about how to ride a horse - our goal is to build strong horsemanship skills which allow the rider and horse to relax and have fun together. The skills taught through Natural Horsemanship can be used with both Western and English riding – it is about communicating with your horse, not about the type of saddle you use. 

Lessons at Stone Creek Ranch go beyond the arena! Many of our lessons take place out on our wonderful Confidence Course and are game driven – this keeps things fun and exciting for rider and horse alike.



Who can ride?

Our lessons are available for anyone 5 years and older! When you arrive for your fist lesson you will be asked to sign a safety waiver (those younger 

than 18 will need a guardian present to sign the waiver). 


How much do lessons cost?

* ½ hour private lessons $35

* 1 hour private lessons $55   (Group lessons are available upon request.)

* Riding Lesson Punch Cards are available! When you purchase a Lesson punch card you will pay for 9 lessons and get the 10th lesson free. Punch cards are a great way to save money on lessons!


Can I practice outside of lessons?

Riders who are enrolled in regular lessons can schedule Practice Time. This allows you to spend time practicing the skills you learned in your lesson and is a great way for you to advance your skills even more quickly. 

* 1 hour of practice time is $30

* Practice Punch Cards are also available! When you purchase a Practice punch card you will pay for 9 practice rides and get the 10th free.

Please call us at 812-824-6645 to schedule a riding lesson.

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