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Is your horse biting, kicking, bucking, or striking?

Stone Creek Ranch can help! 

Meet our trainer: Wayne Allbright. As the ranch’s Natural Horsemanship expert, Wayne is passionate about teaching riders to communicate respectfully and gently with their horses using the methods of Natural Horsemanship taught by Pat Parelli. His approach enables riders to develop a bond of trust with the horse that results in a positive, relaxed experience as well as superior performance.


Through training, Wayne Allbright prepares your horse to work effectively with you. Whether you are an English or Western rider, Natural Horsemanship works with the horse’s natural instincts to provide direction in a language they understand. Wayne specializes in working with “difficult” horses to correct these issues by addressing the mental, emotional and physical health of your horse to uncover the root of the problem. 

As the owner, you will work one on one with Wayne in order to help build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your horse.




How long will training take?

The length of training required depends on a large number of factors. Wayne will work with you to determine a personal training plan for you and your horse.

How much does training cost?

Horses that are being trained will come stay at the ranch for the duration of their training.  The training costs per month are $1,150 which includes boarding and training.



Please call us at 812-824-6645

to discuss training options for your horse.

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