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Use of our Facilities

If you have your own horse, you are welcome to trailer them to our ranch and use our facilities for the day! You will have access to:

* the outdoor arena and round pens

* our 22 acre Confidence Course which includes more than 30 obstacles including over 20 jumps, bridges, creek crossings, stair steps, a permanently installed trailer, and varied terrain

* a fabulous trotting track that takes 12 minutes to trot

* 12 miles of beautiful private trails


We would love to see you at the ranch enjoying time with your horse.






How much does it cost to use the Stone Creek Ranch facilities?

It is only $12.00 to use our facilities for the whole day!

Do I need to call before I bring my horse?

Yes, please call us to schedule a day and time for you and your horse to join us at the ranch.

Can a group of us come on the same day and ride together?

Absolutely! We love having groups visit, but we do ask that you call to schedule a day and time.



Please call us at 812-824-6645 to discuss bringing your horse

to the ranch for the day.

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